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Professional Translation Services

Complex Documents Translated with Precision

Document translation is not simply about repeating the same words in another language. It’s about conveying your message to your audience in words they’ll understand while maintaining the integrity of the original document. We have both the industry and language expertise to ensure professional and reliable document translations every time.

Your audience is key to what we do. We approach each job differently and in close collaboration with you, whether you require a translation for internal review, publication to a non-English-speaking population or close legal scrutiny.

Our document translation process ensures your documents read naturally and that technical terminology has been captured and understood.

Professional Translation Service: Step-By-Step Guide

Our process-driven approach to document translation helps make life easier for everyone.

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Step 1 - Initial contact

You contact us and tell us about your project. It’s helpful if you include information about the languages you require, subject area, audience, turnaround time, regulatory or other requirements and your budget.

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Step 2 - Quote approval

Our project-specific quote will include the time and cost involved in your project.

Once you approve the quote, we begin the translation process by assembling a team of translators, editors and desktop publishers (if required) with experience in your industry. Where possible, we’ll discuss any issues with you prior to commencing work. If further questions crop up during a project, we’ll raise these with you as and when they occur.

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Step 3 - Initial translation and review

Once the initial translation is complete, it is reviewed by a specialist third party editor. The editor and project manager consider any substantive issues which are then discussed in detail with the original translator. The translator and project manager finalize the translation, which is then either returned to you or, if typesetting of the document is required, sent to the desktop publishers.

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Step 4 - Quality checks and finalisation

Your translation is typeset using your design files or branding before being returned to the translator and project manager for final quality checks. Once the finalized document has been returned to you for review, your project manager will remain on hand to answer any queries.

Our post-translation customer service promise

Once your project is complete, our translation, editing and project management team remains on hand to provide you with continued language support. You might have questions or wish to make changes to your documents.

We’ll work with you to ensure your documents are right for you, your commercial needs and your audience, because we want to convey your meaning, every time.

More reasons to work with us

Team Consistency

We aim to build lasting and trusted partnerships with our clients. We believe this is the foundation of our success and the reason we have a long list of satisfied clients with whom we enjoy ongoing working relationships.

As relationships with our clients develop, we consistently use the same project manager, translators, and editors, where relevant and where possible. This helps to ensure a firm understanding of client-specific requirements, consistency of terminology and language and also assists our team to continually improve our quality of service with every project.

Translation Quality

As well as quality-checking and training of our translators, we offer you:

  • Thorough review of even the simplest translation projects
  • One project manager for your project from start to finish
  • Third party expert editing, where relevant to your specific project needs.

Translation is subjective and, unlike mathematics, there’s often no right answer. However, by using only the most suitable translators for each project, we make sure that the finer points of language are carried across from the original to the translation, every time.

Are you ready to simplify your complex translation needs?