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What is NAATI and do I need it?

24 th, April, 2019

Legal document translation – what is NAATI and do I need it (whatever it may be)? NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. It is jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia and was set up in order to give some assurance

Man against Machine [Translation]

28 th, October, 2017

Man against Machine [Translation] This topic is a current hot potato, with many translators learning new skills and software to assist with translation automation. At Linguistico we do sometimes work with specialists who use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software tools, and they can and do save

How do you know if a translation is correct?

28 th, October, 2017

We’ve all seen them. The often comical text or signs showing how translations can go very, very wrong. It is vital that a professional translation service has the right people translating for you and that documents are fully checked in order to avoid embarrassment or, potentially,

‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ – making the right decisions

25 th, October, 2016

'Buy cheap, buy twice’ – making the right decisions For many businesses, translation is often an after thought or a way to use up surplus funds. To the communities it serves however, it can be a lifeline. For businesses using translation correctly, it can lead to

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