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Top-tier translations by humans, not machines

Our translators are real people, not machines. When certified translations are required, include NAATI approved and certified translations by accredited translators.

To be a quality human translator, it takes more than the ability to converse in multiple languages. Language fluency must be paired with excellent writing and communication skills, together with an in-depth understanding of different industries and cultures. Our human translators have all of these qualities and offer a deep knowledge of the subject matter combined with industry experience.

Human vs machine

Translation services come in two basic formats: human and machine. Machine translation is a software-driven electronic dictionary. It takes data entered in one language and tries to find the closest word in the desired language. It is fast, it can be cheap and it works very well in certain contexts where content is repeated time and time again. However, machine translation doesn’t take into account nuance, industry specific terminology or intended meaning.

Even when machine translations are checked and edited by a human, there can be far greater margin for error and, in our experience, often ends up costing you more money and time since documents often have to be re-translated by a human.

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It’s simple: there’s no substitute for the human touch

Translators must capture the intent of the author and offer clarity to the audience. A quality translator is a professional who understands phrasing and metaphor, as well as the ability to communicate very complex information across cultures.

At Linguistico, we know that effective translation goes beyond electronic word substitution. We know that there’s no substitute for human translators.

When you work with us, you can be sure the best human translators will work on your job. Here’s why:

Industry-experienced linguists

Not every multi-lingual person is suited to being a translator. We’re extremely picky about the translators we hire. Only the best and most experienced translators in their fields meet our standards, so you can be sure of a quality translation.

Our translators and editors include lawyers, doctors, pharmacists,engineers, financial, insurance, and technical specialists who live and breathe language on a daily basis. They have extensive practical experience and qualifications in their chosen fields, specialised industry know-how, local knowledge and outstanding technical skills.

Native speakers

Our talented linguists only translate into their native tongue so that the words used are not only technically correct but have idiomatic correctness, reflect the author’s intentions and capture the nuances of the source text.

Suitability selection

Not every project requires a legal or medical expert. However, every project does require the most suitable person for the job. Our experienced project managers consider your target market, document type, subject and specific purpose before selecting the best professionals for your project.

NAATI certified translations by accredited translators

In addition to multiple quality control measures for every translation project and suitability selection measures, we use NAATI accredited translators when certified translations are required. NAATI certified translations are often required by legal clients for court documents and, also, by our healthcare and medical clients to ensure that translations are compliant with regulatory requirements such as those in the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct.

When you need to find certified translators for healthcare projects with an Australian audience, we use only the most experienced NAATI certified and accredited translators together with editing by third party medical translation experts based overseas. This second step helps ensure the medical terminology used in these translations is precise and by working in conjunction with NAATI certified translators, we produce quality certified translations for Australian audiences.

We also know the challenges of complying with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, and work with you to meet those challenges.

Our Translators

A brief snapshot of some of our highly experienced translators

professional sydney translators

Location: Great Britain

Languages: English, German, Russian

Words translated: more than 4,000,000
Industry specialties: legal, business and banking

  • Qualified solicitor with Magic Circle experience, BA (with Honours), University of Cambridge
  • Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation
  • Associate of the Chartered Institute of Linguists
  • Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Experience: With Linguistico since 2008 and a professional translator since 2000.

professional sydney translators
Chinh Chu

Location: Vietnam

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Words translated: more than 3,900,000
Industry specialties: healthcare and medical

  • Pharmacy degree (National No. 3 Medical Techniques College)
  • BA Chemistry (Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Sciences)

Experience: With Linguistico since 2008 and a professional translator since 2004.

sydney translators

Location: U.K

Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Words translated: more than 5,000,000
Industry specialties: legal, business and finance translations

  • Master’s Degree (with Honours) in Mediaeval & Modern Languages (German and Russian), University of Oxford

Experience: With Linguistico since 2009 and a professional translator since 1986. In-house legal translator with Magic Circle and Silver Circle law firms. Taught languages to members of the British Royal Family.

sydney translators

Location: Morocco

Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish

Words translated: more than 4,000,000
Industry specialties: healthcare and medical

  • Postgraduate: M.Sc. Degree in Clinical & Chemical Pathology

Experience: With Linguistico since 2008 and a professional translator since 2003. Extensive work for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

professional sydney translators

Location: Australia

Languages: Chinese, English

Words translated: more than 1,000,000

Languages: Chinese, English

Industry specialties: healthcare and medical


  • NAATI accredited professional translator and interpreter
  • Master of Arts in Chinese Translation and Interpreting (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology (China Pharmaceutical University, China)
  • Graduate Certificate of Biotechnology (University of Queensland, Australia)

Experience: With Linguistico since 2013 and a professional translator since 2009.

Kandee-kirkman | Linguistico

Location: France

Languages: French, English

Words translated: more than 2,750,000
Industry specialties: legal, business and finance

  • Qualified Solicitor
  • Degree in Intellectual Property Law (University of Strasbourg, France)
  • Degree in Business law (University of Paris II, France)
  • Degree in Law and Anglo-American Law (University of Paris X, France)
  • Degree in Law and English (linguistics) (University of Paris X, France)

Experience: With Linguistico since 2009 and a professional translator since 1998. Twelve years’ experience as an in-house lawyer and legal manager.

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